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1. Ctrl key to select all


2. Control key to move any file or text


3. What is the function of ‘Ctrl + 0’?


4. What is the shortcut key for the central alignment of a line or text in MS Office software?


5. Ctrl key to make text italic


6. Alternate key to shut down the Pc?


7. Control Key to open a new page?


8. Ctrl Key to replace


9. Alternate key to Restore the window?


10. Control key to undo the effect?


11. What is the shortcut key for making the text look darker in MS Word?


12. Control key for saving any document, webpage or an image


13. The shortcut key is used for previewing the page before printing?


14. Functional key to finding a file?


15. Which function key is used for opening help?


16. What keys do you use the make the text bold?


17. Control key to reaching the start menu?


18. Ctrl key to find any file


19. Control key to minimizing the window?


20. What is the shortcut key used for ‘Redo’?