Computer Quiz Sample 2

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1. another name for a PEN Drive is?


2. Twitter is an example of what type of service?


3. Which of the following is a chat engine?


4. One nibble is equal to


5. One who gains unauthorized access, destroys vital data, denies legitimate user’s service or causes problems for their targets is called


6. Which web browser was the first web browser from the following?


7. Which one is the first fully supported 64-bit operating system


8. What is Param Siddhi?


9. Which of the following is not a component of multimedia


10. The Speed of the internet is measured in the number of


11. What does XML stand for?


12. Keyboard shortcuts to display the start menu in the Windows operating system?


13. Dot-matrix is a type of


14. Speed of internet connection is measured in


15. Video conferencing is done through


16. Which of the following devices can be used to connect a computer to the Internet through a telephone line


17. Internet is an exmple of ________


18. In which year ‘@’ sign was first chosen for its use in e-mail address


19. Maximum limit of data stored by a Compact Disc is?


20. ________ is not a type of secondary memory?