Current Affairs Quiz February 2022

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1. Which of the following companies is going to acquire 4.7% stake of Vodafone in Indus Towers?


2. Hemananda Biswal passed away recently. He was the former chief minister of which state?


3. Who among the following has recently been elected to the board of directors of the National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India (NCDFI), the apex body of dairy and edible oil cooperatives in the country?


4. EXIM Bank has extended a line of credit of USD 500 million to which neighbouring country?


5. Which of the following banks has joined hands with Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd as a corporate agent to provide a slew of innovative health insurance products for the Bank’s more than 6.5 million customers spread over 923 branches across the country?


6. Who is the only contestant from India, in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022?


7. Which Union Ministry launched the ‘Services e-Health Assistance and Teleconsultation (SeHAT)’ initiative?


8. Which team won its first African Cup of Nations title in 2021-2022?


9. Who among the following has recently inaugurated a seminar “Industry Connect 2022: Industry and Academia Synergy”?


10. Which of the following states has recently presented the state budget for 2022-23 with an outlay of Rs 14,008.15 crore?


11. Who among the following has recently been appointed as India’s doubles coach in badminton till the Asian Games in 2026?


12. Which country recently passed legislation that ends forced arbitration in sexual assault and harassment disputes at workplaces?


13. The India-US bilateral goods trade crossed which milestone recently?


14. Who among the following has recently launched the Union MSME RuPay Credit Card of Union Bank of India in Sindhudurg at the two day MSME Conclave being held in the district?


15. Which institution released the ‘Death Penalty in India’ Report?


16. What is ‘TriSb92’, which was seen in the news recently, with reference to COVID?


17. Which state/UT has commenced work to form ‘India’s first Dugong Conservation Reserve’?


18. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has canceled the certificate of registration issued to _____________, which carries out lending operations through an app called Cashbean.


19. Who among the following has recently won the gold medal at Singapore Weightlifting International 2022?


20. Chauri Chaura village is located in which present-day Indian state?