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1. Crack this


Monday = 617

Tuesday = 729

Wednesday = 9312

Thursday = 8412

Friday = 6511

Then Saturday =??


2. The More You Have, The Less You See. What is it?


3. Which alphabet is a tools?


4. Arrange the words given above in a meaningful sequence.

  1. Key
  2. Door
  3. Lock
  4. Room
  5. Switch on

5. What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?


6. What travels around the world and stays in one spot?


7. In a family, there are several brothers and sisters. Every 2 boys have brothers as many as sisters and each girl has 2 brothers less than twice as many brothers as sisters. Now find the number of boys and girls.


8. What Has One Eye But Cannot See?


9. In a row of trees, a tree is 7th from the left end and 14th from the right end. How many trees are there in the row?


10. How many cases do you need if you have to pack 112 pairs of shoes into cases that each hold 28 shoes?


11. Kevin, Joseph, and Nicholas are 3 brothers. If the following statements are all true, which of them is the youngest?

  • Kevin is the oldest.
  • Nicholas is not the oldest.
  • Joseph is not the youngest.

12. Gordon is twice as old as Tony was when Gordon was as old as Tony is now. The combined age of Gordon and Tony is 112 years. How old are Gordon and Tony now?


13. The day before two days after the day before tomorrow is Saturday. What day is it today?


14. How many Months of the year have 28 Days?


15. What has teeth but cannot bite?


16. Five people were eating apples, A finished before B, but behind C. D finished before E, but behind B. What was the finishing order?


17. Rahul is older than Ram. Raj is younger than Ram. Vijay is older than Raj but younger than Ram. Who among the four is youngest?


18. Logic Puzzle
If a giraffe has two eyes, a monkey has two eyes, and an elephant has two eyes, how many eyes do we have?


19. One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going towards River. Every elephant saw 2 monkeys are going towards the river. Every monkey holds one tortoise in their hands.

How many animals are going towards the river?


20. Vijay and Raj decided to play tennis against each other. They bet $1 on each game they played. Vijay won three bets and Raj won $5. How many games did they play?