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1. To which region of Kangra District of H.P. did Justice Mehar Chand Mahajan belong?


2. Which one of the following is correct about corporation tax?


3. When was the custom of Rit/Reet Marriage abolished in the Bushahr princely state?


4. Among the following which was the last Thakurai to be granted Sanad by the British?


5. Which city is known as the silicon valley of India?


6. Which sector has the largest contribution in India’s Gross Domestic Savings?


7. Which mountain pass joins Manali and Kullu Districts of Himacal Pradesh?


8. When was Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act passed in H.P.?


9. During the reign of which Raja of Kullu was Lahaul conquered by the Raja of Chamba?


10. Around which century were rock temples of Masrur in Kangra Districts of Himachal Pradesh built?


11. Which sanitation campaign was replaced by Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) in 2014-15?


12. Justice R.V. Easwar Committee constituted by the government of India was to deal with:


13. Which of the following films got the Golden Peacock Award at 47th International Film Festival of India?


14. Plateau of India divided as MALNAD and MAIDAN Plateau is:


15. Which of the following is true about Raja Ravi Verma, a great painter?


16. Who was the first biographer on Mahatma Gandhi?


17. India became a signatory to be Ramsar Convention in 1982. Ramsar Convention is related to:


18. Sohan Singh Bhakna and Baba Harnam Singh were associated with:


19. Jail Jyoti Yojana to promote literacy among the jail inmates was launched in:


20. Of the following, who were the first two Satyagrahis of Mahatma Gandhi in Individual Satyagraha?